Post number #2

They say beginning something is hard. But when it comes to blogging and *coughs* ME the hardest part is to write the blog entry #2. Yes, I started but only started different blogs, some with very catchy names and themes just to realize later that I’m too lazy to maintain them. After the first post the blog would just freeze until it eventually died.

It is 10 mins to 10 in the morning. Why I’m stressing 10 is because at 10am there will be another scheduled loadshedding in my area. So while I’m writing this, I’ve got 10 mins to complete it.

Man, when you fix a time to do a particular task you completely loose the track of what you are going to say. And while I’m typing this hurriedly I’m also taking to people in different windows.

This morning I woke up at around 7, I think. I’m not use to waking up at this hour. I have the habit of sleeping really long, not something people are proud of. But, it is so cold in the morning. When i woke up this whole place where i live was covered with fog and was awefully cold when I walked outside. Its winter in Kathmandu, I’m not sure when the winter is ending or when it began but I have a winter vactaion in like 20 days, the date is not fixed.

And what do you know? My UPS is beeping. Thank you Loadshedding for saving me from this torturous task of writing my second blog entry!


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